Saturday, March 20, 2021

Kabusacki 12 coming up!


Good news!

My new album Kabusacki 12 has been recorded during lockdown; it's being mastered now and it will be released worldwide during the Argentinean autumn of 2021

Group guided practices continue online at Kabusacki Guitar Academy

Also, I'm happy to announce that the live recordings of The Coghlan Quintet opening for King Crimson at Luna Park Buenos Aires (October 2019), are now available for download on Bandcamp  The Quintet's lineup: Fernando Kabusacki, Horacio Pozzo, Emiliano Franji, Marcos Pozzo, Fermin Raviolo (acoustic guitars).

The Quintet has been invited to play on Sofia Malagrino's wonderful new record, produced by Lucy Patane.

And by the way... some of my solo records are still available from Bandcamp

Tuesday, October 29, 2019


20 de Diciembre

Kabusacki & The Flying Gravitones

Fernando Kabusacki (guitarra electrica), Juan Ravioli (teclados), Alejandro Leoneli (bajo), Lucas Herbin (bateria)

junto a A6M y Las Cobras (Uruguay)

Niceto Lado B (Humbold y Niceto Vega), 22hs
flyer: Ale Leonelli


Samalea Kabusacki & Mango

New date at Buenos Aires Planetarium: 
November 29, 2019, 21hs

Fernando Kabusacki: electric guitar
Fernando Samalea: drums
Matias Mango: keyboards

special guests: Michelle Bliman (gtr, vocals), Agustina Cicchetti (vocals), Christine Brebes (violin)
visuals: Lisa Cerati, Lucas Neme
sound design: Gustavo Braga

pics: Pablo Astudillo

The Quintets opened for King Crimson in Buenos Aires and Santiago de Chile

Intense days opening for King Crimson at Luna Park (Buenos Aires October 8-9) and Movistar Arena (Santiago de Chile, October 12-13)

The Coghlan Quintet: 
Fernando Kabusacki, Horacio Pozzo, Emiliano Franji, Marcos Pozzo, Fermin Raviolo, acoustic guitars

The Santiago Quintet
Fernando Kabusacki, Horacio Pozzo, Luciano Pietrafesa, Horacio Sairafi, David Capdepont, acoustic guitars

Monday, March 18, 2019


Samalea & Kabusacki

Viernes 22/3/2019

Teatro Monteviejo de Buenos Aires.

teclados: Matias Mango.
invitada: Michelle Bliman.

Lavalle 3177, 21hs. Entradas anticipadas en venta $200

Fernando Samalea: bateria y bandoneon, Fernando Kabusacki: guitarra electrica, Matias Mango: teclados, Michelle Bliman: vox y saxo

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Documentary: Phil Manzanera in Buenos Aires

Phil Manzanera in Buenos Aires, Nov 2017 documentary!

Phil Manzanera: electric guitar, vocals

Fernando Kabusacki, Lucas Polo: guitars
Sonia Bernardo: vocals
Matias Mango: keyboards
Fernando Samalea: drums
Paul Dourge: bass, backing vocals
Sergio Dawi: saxophone
Conce Soares: percussion
special guests Emmanuel Horvilleur, Richard Coleman, Alina Gandini, Rosario Ortega, Nathy Cabrera: vocals

Friday, September 14, 2018

2018...Electric Gauchos with Tiny Orchestral Moments in Seattle and more

with Yoshitake Expe and Santiago Vazquez at Centro Cultural Kirchner, Buenos Aires

with Tricky. the track Wait for Signal, from his Ununiform release features Kabusacki and Asia Argento

with legendary Billy Bond and Charly Garcia

with Vernon Reid in Buenos Aires

Kabusacki solo set @ Ciclo Domingos en Casa

w/ Fernando Samalea in NY

Tiny Orchestral Moments at Ron Jones' Sky Muse, Seattle Sept 2018

Electric Gauchos at London Bridge Studio Seattle. Kabusacki, Steve Ball, Julie Slick, Fernando Samalea, Alex Anthony Faide