Monday, January 22, 2007

buenos aires > tokyo > kyoto


happy new year!

flying over the hudson bay. I flew from buenos aires to washington last night, spending new year's eve on the plane (no celebration took place...nothing was served on the plane at champagne...I sent good wishes to beloved ones), 5 hours at red carpet club ... then took a flight from washington to tokyo, hoping to get some sleep on this flight. I found a very good sandwich bar at dulles airport: the potbelly's across gate c1.


I arrived in tokyo around 16:00hs after a very long flight! my suitcase didn't make it so united will deliver it tomorrow to the hotel. limousine bus to shibuya city hotel. my telecaster was waiting for me at the hotel room. yes!
walked around, necessary shopping and off to bed

3/1/07 tokio

no sleep...

visited music stores, found an internet cafe, walked around. dinner with ariake and emiko got cancelled, changed strings on telecaster, noodle dinner and off to bed.

4/1/07 tokio> kyoto

yes!!! slept 7 hours!!! packed, practiced, walked around, sent cds at the post. cds shopping at tower records: joanna newsom, mingus and woodstock festival dvd (on sale)

walked to shibuya station. shinkansen train to kyoto. subway and taxi to seiichi's. I'm staying at his apartment. luxurious. noodle soup and beer with yamamoto san. I'm tired. time to bed.

seiichi liked moni's painitngs. one of them will stay in kyoto

I remembered an important experience during a performance last year

5/1/07 kyoto

9:38 it was difficult to get warm last night. the sweatshirt with hood I bought at don quijote helped.

coffee at donq cafe, visited seiichi. back to the apt to setup and practice. walk to ginkakuji, the silver palace. walk back. okonomiyaki. more practice. noodles. called shinku and moni. uma told me papu. more practice. I worked on the kaoss pad presets and at this point I have some confidence with my new boss br2 loop station.

23:14 time to call it a day. I'm exhausted. a glass of sake to warm up and off to bed. it's raining in kyoto. listening to caetano veloso's ce.

6/1/07 kyoto

slept well. woke up at 6:00 but kept going until 8:30. it's raining. coffee and beans sweet and then practice.

ideas on moni's works

11:34 2 hours of practice. interesting loops. the pad motion switch on the kaoss pad is broken. ouch.

I like caetano's new album.

memories of my days at the cottage, where I used to be by myself ...regularly practicing and looping... for in kyoto is also cold and it's raining hard

reading aldous huxley

in the afternoon seiichi and I took a train to osaka. seiichi played at bears, a very good performance of yamamoto the singer songwriter.