Photo Gallery

Kabu at Estudio Maravilla, Buenos Aires, by Benetucci

with Charly Garcia in Las Vegas, Latin Grammy Awards
smiling Kabu 2006, pic by Robert Fripp

with Yoshitake

with Roger McGuinn in Buenos Aires

with Roger McGuinn and Flopa

with Lee Ranaldo in NY, 2017

with Sumo x Pettinatto, pic Marcelo Baraj

5 years old, 1970 in Rosario

with Julie Slick in Seattle

with Jon Diaz in NY

with Buttercup in NY

laughing Kabu at ND Ateneo, pic by Tony Levin

with Satomi Matsuzaki of Deerhoof in NY, 2018

solo set, pic by Leandro Lequerica

the Orchestra of Crafty Guitarists

happy with Patricia Fripp in Bournemouth, England 2018

with Tony Levin, John Peacock and Mike Grenfell in England

with Diego Maradona, at Charly's birthday party

w/ Phil Manzanera in Kilburn, 2018

w Phil Manzanera and Lucas Polo, 2017

w/ Nati Schiavello of Ensamble de Guitarras de Coghlan

Ensamble de Guitarras de Coghlan
pic by Pablo Astudillo

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