Monday, December 07, 2009

Fuga Grafica

I travelled to Rosario last Saturday to see Charly play at The Hipodromo. Great to see Charly play again, great to see the band in action and Los Aliados in action again (this wonderul army of fans / friends /supporters of Charly). The band sounded great. I was particularly moved in a few spots: Kiuge's solo on No te Animas, Charly and Nito together, Charly and Fito together (Fito's piano playng was stunning!). This capacity of this new Charly to play WITH somebody is remarkable. Also seeing him in "conductor" mode was great. Very good concert, I'm glad I went. Well, also the after show dinner at La Refineria was a highlight...Charly was a very happy boy, I rarely saw such a smile in his face.

Yesterday I played a solo improv performance at Fuga Grafica, the performance felt good to me. I played after Pablo Ribot (great set) and before Luis Marte and Lothus, whose performances I missed... I forgot the transfo for my Kaoss Pad so I played without it which ended up being an advantage: I could focus in the music, the sound and the notes more than "in what effects to use".

Back home tired but happy.

Friday, December 04, 2009




much deserved...congratulations!!!!!!!!!!

the concert with mussa phelps & prack was cancelled due to a mistake made by the person who programs no avestruz. too bad. they programmed 2 shows of the same band the same night. sad. I was so much looking forward to playing with mr. phelps!!!!!!!!!!!!!

a last minute call became a magic night: i was invited to join the opening of the buenos aires jazz festival at vinilo club: gillespi and alejandro franov plus lucio mazzaira and myself. this became a magic night. a feeling of " a perfect lineup" and lots of fun. a wonderful venue, good sound, full house (packed!) and very good vibe...