Wednesday, March 14, 2007

tokyo > buenos aires


tokyo > san francisco > washington > buenos aires.


kabusacki/ katsui/ nakamura at superdeluxe, tokyo

an earthquake shook the hotel before I got to bed. ouch!


kabusacki yamamoto katsui at uplink factory. superb little auditorium. remarkable performance. walked around shibuya and back to hotel for packing.


buffalo daughter + cornelius + kabusacki + friends at daikanyama unit.

hot show! buffalo daughter sounded amazing. they blew me away! we got louder and louder...audience very excited. I also found myself playing in ways I don't usually play. I also played with zak and yumiko, an improvised set. here's zak...

my loop station wasn't working....after the performance I saw it was connected like this....

the dressing room wall

great to meet cornelius (sensous things), his show was stunning.

back to the hotel at 4:00


I played with yuji katsui and yuji oniki at lete, in shimokitazawa. also exhibited moni's paintings. small and warm venue. the first show felt like a dress rehearsal. the second show sold out, packed. very good moments. we did a cover of neil young's down by the river. good to see emiko and the embassy friends. one of moni's paintings was sold after the show (one of my favorites, actually). dinner at a very nice okinawan restaurant near the venue.