Sunday, April 30, 2006

few days


thursday: drove moni to work. spent much time with baby. delightful

friday: tea at malba with family. picked up gear left from the last nfco show. short nap. a long day, and very intense.

played with flopa at plasma. memorable gig for me. not the debut of the band anymore. I really enjoy playing with flopa, juan and lucas. the opening act was coiffeur, a very fine singer, guitarist and songwriter.

after the show I drove to maria's for a night of recordings with charly and sama. maria is engineering superbly. I recorded guitars on 1 song. back home at 8:00 with medialunas. breakfast with the girls and straight to bed for a 4 hs sleep.

saturday: lunch with toto and family. good nap in the afternoon. I declined ale franov's invitation to play with him at templum. need recovery. moni and I to dinner at pippo and to cine premier for "good night and good luck". very good film.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

the last 2 weeks


this photo was taken by fito fratti at vertigo colectivo's dressing room at centro cultural borges, april 6. charly was vertigo's special guest that night

april 10: flew to mendoza with robert for guitar craft XXI anniversary course in lunlunta. the course completed on april 19

april 20: flew back to buenos aires. lunch with rf, marcelo, moni and uma at prosciutto, then drove rf to ezeiza airport, back home for a nap and off to rehearsal with bochaton

april 21: francisco bochaton at la trastienda. full house. the audience felt strange: audience is not allowed to stand up and dance nor jump...could have been a hot gig but this constrained something. strange. post cromagnon effect. also a professinal hassler (nicknamed boludo) in the first row making our performance very difficult.

april 22: la national film chamber orchestra at bafici

april 23: la national film chamber orchestra at bafici, featuring charly garcia, played music for the stag movies at malba. an improvised petit show followed. dinner wit the band and charly at la madelaine. back home very tired at 5am

april 22: day off

april 23: rehearsal with flopa. her songs move me everytime I hear them. they are stunning. after the rehearsal, in the neighborhood of floresta, I realized that one of the back wheels of my car was stolen. ouch. lucas the drummer and juan helped putting the spare tyre. frustrating feeling...but the thought of "it could have been worst" helped me.

Sunday, April 09, 2006



Wednesday: Meeting with Iman in the morning. Listened to Adat tapes from recordings at Melopea years ago. Decided to make a record and continue our work together soon. Guitar lessons in the afternoon. The Gardel 2006 Awards ceremony in the evening. The highlight for me: Charly and Mercedes together and Leon Gieco playing live with Los Pibes Chorros.

Thursday: rehearsal with Francisco Bochaton in the morning, mixing for Kabusacki 7 at Concreto. Vertigo Colectivo at Centro Cultural Borges. Charly Garcia came as special guest, he played piano and sang. after the show Ch and I went to Maria's studio to record Charly's vocals and keyboards on 2 pieces for Kabusacki 7. Stunning. back home at 8:30am. Happy. Tired.

Friday: Cancelled recordings with Mono in the morning. Shinkuro arrived from Osaka at noon. In the evening gig with Flopa at Plasma, in San Telmo. Very nice venue. Yes!!!!!!! Flopa's songs are so good!!!! Florencia Ruiz played as opening act.

Saturday: drove with Mono Fontana to Rosario. We played with Luis and Mariano Suarez at Parque de Espana. All improvised. Wonderful moments. Good flow. Discoveries in my Kaoss pad. Very good attendance.

Sunday: drove back from Rosario. nice weather. recovery, time with Moni and Uma. getting ready for Guitar Craft Anniversary Course in Mendoza.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

past weeks


very busy in the last couple of weeks

rehearsals and shows with francisco bochaton, vertigo and flopa

recordings with charly. stunning new songs.

been to rosario, played with dibujos mudos: la national film chamber orchestra in duo formation...with juan piola on keyboards. great to play with juan.

samalea proposed the running arder for my new cd and it works great. the cd moved to the new stage. voices by maria albistur are impecable. yes!

very busy still.

euphorica, the new cd of buffalo daughter is out. I received my copy last week. I like the cd so much!

tomorrow after gtr lessons I will be at the gardel 2006 awards ceremony at teatro gran rex. la maravilla is nominated.