Tuesday, January 08, 2008


holidays with my family at home

so hot here in buenos aires...39C

sad news: my dear friend, wonderful musician valdo delgado and eduardo pinto passed away yesterday



gracias valdo querido for your music and warmth

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

2007 > 2008

on 2007... 2 trips to japan: I played 12 gigs (+ 1 recording session in tokyo) with amazing musicians such as seiichi yamamoto, yuji katsui, yoshimi, senju, buffalo daughter, para, yoshitake expe, yasuhiro yoshigaki, akira sotoyama, senju, haco, kei, zak & yumiko and others

...24 gigs with francisco bochaton (in buenos aires, comodoro rivadavia, mendoza, san juan, la plata, rosario and san miguel), 56 shows at malba with la national film chamber orchestra, 1 show and 1 recording session with roxana amed (produced by pedro aznar, 3 shows with kabusacki's band w/ fernando samalea, 4 shows and several recording sessions with charly garcia (& the prostitution), a tour (10 shows) with robert fripp & the league of crafty guitarists (buenos aires, mendoza, rosario), 9 shows and recording sessions with flopa, 3 shows with santiago vazquez (2 with la bomba de tiempo), 1 show with mr miguelius... that makes 118 shows...shows and recordings with charly garcia, francisco bochaton, flopa and roxana amed...la national film chamber orchestra at canal 7 (argentina's national tv), playing live music for countless silent films

...cds released: the flower & the radio (in japan), rovo + fkv (in japan), tic tac (francisco bochaton), roxana amed (entremundos), flopa (emocion homicida)...mix of kabusacki's band live at concreto...the theme for el rayo rubio featured in lucia puenzo's XXY (winner of sur award, nominated for goya and oscar awards)...several hopeful students

and in 2007 I moved to a new house!...a busy year...

I hope music keeps me very busy on this new year...happy 2008!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!