Sunday, May 07, 2017

tokyo 7/5/2017

very busy since arriving in tokyo putting my rig together while recovering from jetlag.

but life is good and I'm playing my first show of this tour with the great yuji katsui... I love playing duos with yuji.

my cd's luck,  houses I, the champion and la maravilla are available at the shows, all relased in japan by calentito records

here some information only for gear heads:

I'm playing a gretsch tennessee rose guitar through the following pedals:

proco rat, cluster starfox fuzz, eventide pitch factor, 2 tc electronic ditto loopers, strymon timeline, boss dd20 delay, strymon blue sky reverb and red panda lab particle (this one is a gift from my dear friend vernon reid)

very happy to be in japan!