Saturday, September 30, 2006

september 24, bochaton, cordoba>buenos aires

from the venue straight to the hotel to pickup luggage and off to the bus station; the whole band is back to buenos aires. seating next to me on the bus also a callejeros fan. thankfully I had my Ipod with dylan's modern times in it. the guitars work amazed me. beauty, mastery! 11hs drive to buenos aires. here more photos: francisco and matias, our lodging place in villa maria, the backdoor of 990 club de arte, my pedals and villa 31 at sunset, welcoming us to buenos aires

Saturday, September 23, 2006



short week in buenos aires: back from rosario with moni and baby on monday

tuesday visit to doctors, taking care of my health

wednesday: a day of guitar lessons and bus to villa maria in the evening

spoke to charly on the phone, he is in new york mixing the record with former rolling stones collaborator andrew oldham. he sounded excited about andrew and his work. he shared musical impressions, ideas and feelings on the music. suggested I fly to ny inmediately. I felt tempted. best wishes towards ny.

taxi to the bus staion at 22:30, moni waved good bye from the balcony. we travelled with sueter, miguel zavaleta's legendary band from the 80s, who were sharing the bill with us in villa maria. mz's sense of humour is remarkable and was most welcome on this hard trip

97% of the passengers on the bus were young fans of callejeros, very excited young kids ... for their band's first live appearance after the comagnon massacre. this was hard on me since, among other things, let aside ethics and other things, this bunch of people blindly praise a band whose music is highly offensive to my musical taste. the bunch's excitement cause the rage of the bus driver, who parked the bus at the side of the road, came up to them and shouted "if you guys don't shut up and remain quiet either I stop the bus right now or WE WILL CRASH (nos hacemos mierda were actually his words in spanish)". after this threat the crowd kept quiet.

nevertheles I couldn't sleep at all, I was scared.

the lodging in villa maria was feeble. the show was utterly windy, my guitar was misteriously charged with electricity and I couldn't touch the bridge without receiving electric shocks, the monitors were appaling, fran's bass out of tune, the audience apatethic but hey...there we least we had a set list and empanadas in the dressing room were delicious.

dinner with the band and sueter was fun. the nightmares of our bus trip was subject of good jokes. thanks God there's humour

to bed early.

friday: asado by francisco at the house, siesta and bus to cordoba in the evening. another nighmarish trip which feature movie starring francella and lucia galan . at our arrival at the hotel the restaurant was already closed so we had to look for another restaurant.

life on the road

Saturday, September 16, 2006


Leandro, Gorrion de Alma kindly sent me this photo of one of my strangest performances ever. On July 30 this year I played with Francisco Bochaton at La Trastienda one week after my appendix was removed. The surgeon reccomended to not make any physical effort for 2 weeks but I couldn't say no to Francisco's music, so I played seating on a chair, wearing a hood to feel more "protected". I had a terrible sense of vulnerability, weakness and also pain in my abdomen throughout the show. But also a feeling of "I have to be here, playing, no doubt, regardless of the surgery". I attempted a couple of songs standing but couldn't bear the pain. I wore trousers I would never wear on stage (Adidas jogging), the only ones I could fit...well...pijamas were my only other choice. Strange for a high action rock show, but the performance was very good and actually we rocked. Thanks Leandro for the photo!

Thursday: recordings with Francisco and band until late. Great new songs. Yes!

A very long day yesterday: La National Film Chamber Orchestra played at Canal 7 in the morning; to tyre shop to replace the back wheel that had been stolen from my car last week outside Concreto Studios (second time this happens to me in 5 months); then to the studio to listen to yesterday's recordings and pick up my amp; in the evening I played with La Congreso World Templation (with Mono Fontana, Ale Franov and Santiago Vazquez) at Templum. Full house. We booked our next show for October 20. Back home late.

My mobile phone was lost all day. I found it in the back of my car. relief.

Monday, September 11, 2006

la mujer que nacio vestida

friday: la mujer que nacio vestida, butoh dance performance by qui binetti at centro cultural borges. superb work! my music sounded nice there. the lights, projections and sound treatments were very good! later dinner with futura bold at vargas'

saturday: I played with mussa phelps and with carlos alonso at fuga jurasica. very exciting. later recordings with charly at maria's. suposedly the last song of the album.

sunday: rehearsal with flopa. new bass player in the band. powerful and potential.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

keep on going

here's a photo with flopa, courtesy of hers

august 31 was hectic: at 22:30 I played with flopa at centro cultural cooperacion. a duo lineup, 2 guitars. very intimate and nice show. for me is always a luxury to hear flopa sing and play her songs. playing with her is an unbelievable bonus. my setup: washburn red rocker> big muff> volume pedal> line6 dl4 delay modeller > fender pro junior amp

from ccc I ran into a taxi to centro cultural tasso, where everybody was waiting for me to arrive. so from the taxi straight to the stage to play with bochaton one of our hottest shows ever. shelley and her friend were there dancing. my setup: wasburn red rocker > rat > fuzz factory > roland dd20 delay > marshall jcm900