Friday, May 15, 2009

last month I went for a weekend holiday with my family to the's a pic from our hotel window...beautiful

one of the nicest venues in buenos aires...teatro 25 de mayo, in villa urquiza. I played with bochaton there last friday. the soundman: mr luciano d. from puente celeste! my wife and daughter came to the show and the little one danced the whole show, making me a happy gigster/dad,

and on saturday the venue was much different. casa del pueblo in la plata, we were expected to play at 1:30hs but the opening band went on much later than expected and played a much larger set than expected (1h and 10 minutes!!!!!) this made the waiting unbearable, the show difficult (for us and I expect also for the audience) and the trip back home too hard. we went on stage around 3am! not good. but our show was hot. and loud,

german expresionism vs french impresionism at malba continues with live music by la national film chamber orchestra. many many great movies! did I mention that last month we had deluxe guests in the orchestra? fabien von quintiero and fernando samalea joined for a hot evening...

I was informed that sandra hernandez's video Acerca de la Simetria, that features a piece from my first record, Houses I, has been selected for the 2009 Video Art Festival in Athens, Greece. congratulations!