Friday, September 26, 2008

bochaton in plasma

last friday I played with francisco bochaton at plasma, a venue I usually enjoy playing at. but this time things became difficult. things went out of hands...the dressing room was shared with the opening band (good band!), so we had no private space before the show...the manager left the venue during our performance, without the band knowing he would, leaving things on the stage manager's hands. the stage manager had too many things on his hands. francisco broke a string and the sm couldn't replace it because he had no place to do this, and he didn't have the necessary tools (and strings!) to do francisco played with an acoustic guitar completely out of tune... I had no place to stand since my space was the stage manager's path to francisco... an unbearable fan and his girlfriend stood next to me during the whole show disturbing me to the max. they attempted to steal my list of pieces (with important notes on it) and attempted to get me involved in a discussion during the show ... and my glass slide disapeared from the top of my amp. on top of this, they invaded the dressing room after the show, leaving me with no place to go. the venue's bar attendant was very kind and offered me something to drink. I had a diet coke. on top of my slide, matias' microkorg's transformer got lost. despite all this matias and quique said it was a good show. for me something got lost. an oportunity to play well and rock.

the federico garcia lorca's piece is stunning.

this week I visited maria eva albistur, we will play in uruguay next month. her songs are really good, and so will be her new record. good news: the hard case of my telecaster appeared in maria eva's house. it remained there since the days (...nights actually) of recordings with charly...I looked I found it...I'm very happy about this

feco visited last monday, great to have him at home. we will play together tonight

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I won the condor de plata award

on saturday I played with francisco bochaton in rosario. I preferred the audience's heat in santa fe, although I always love to play in rosario. my jaguar gave me a hard time, having to adjust the bridges saddles' screws every few songs due to buzzing, this was possibly due to extreme temperature changes. the guitar is going to mr de castro for adjustment this week.

the venue: bar berlin

the band in the dressing room

the emergency exit by the dressing room... scary

some signs in rosario are not respected:

sunday: back to buenos aires on a bus

monday: recordings with maxi trusso and alejandro teran at concreto. this record will be stunning.

in the evening I went to the "condor de plata" ceremony at canal 7. lots of celebrities and stars, and film directors, actor, critics... I was nominated for "best music" for the music for teresa costantini's film "el amor y la ciudad", and to my surprise...I won the prize!

I didn't suspect they would give me the prize so I didn't even think of a I just said I share this prize with matias mango and fernando samalea, whith whom I worked together on this project. I was given a very nice little silver statue...

here's a photo of all the winners. lucia puenzo's XXY won the "best movie", best book and best female actress. my piece " theme for el rayo rubio" is featured in the film

tuesday: guitar lessons

wednesday: rehearsal with francisco and 2 movies at ciudad universitaria with matias

here's the schedule of filmoteca at canal 7 tv for this week:


Temas de Cine
Un programa de Fernando Martín Peña y Fabio Manes

del 22 al 26 de Septiembre

Lunes a viernes 0:30 hs.

FILMOTECA, programa cosmopolita, en un alarde de originalidad y buen gusto, dedica la semana esta vez no a un director, no a un intérprete, no a un género, sino a un tema: La Ciudad. Y así programa una serie de películas que podrían catalogarse un poco arbitrariamente como DRAMAS URBANOS.
Una semana de films donde la ciudad es protagonista, donde la urbe vibra, circula y respira como un ser vivo y se convierte en el escenario de las miserias, las ilusiones y los fracasos de sus pequeños y solitarios habitantes...

Se exhibirán completos:

El lunes: “Berlín, Sinfonía de una Gran Ciudad” (1927) de Walter Ruttmann y “Buenos Aires” (1958) de David José Kohon
El martes: “Así es la Vida” (1930) de Carl Junghans, con Vera Baranovskya y “Überfall” (1928) de Ernö Metzner
El miércoles: “La Última Carcajada” (1924) de F. W. Murnau, con Emil Jannings
El jueves: “Soledad” (1928) de Pal Fejös y “Ménilmontant” (1928) de Dimitri Kirzanoff, con Nadia Sibirskaïa
El viernes: “Amanecer” (1927) de F. W. Murnau, con GeorgeO’Brien y Janet Gaynor

Musicalización en Vivo a cargo de FERNANDO KABUSACKI y MATIAS MANGO

Friday, September 12, 2008

francisco bochaton, santa fe

rip hector zazou

the van picked me up at 6:00 am this morning, a good drive by mr vikingo, the highway in good shape. we listened to "abbey road" on the road

good spirits in the band

the bass player slept on the van

nice hotel downtown santa fe: the old and traditional hotel castelar. memories of my contemporary music studies in this town with professor mariano etkin, my friend natalia, my visits to rincon, the shows with los gauchos alemanes ("hot fat fish" era...actually this is the city where this name came out, also the recording of roger eno's "the frost" is from here...)

listened to maxi trusso's songs in the afternoon, in order to get familiar and ready for our upcoming recording session next monday. this recordings feature the banda de turistas and are being produced masterfully by alejandro teran

difficult soundcheck. the specialty of the local soundman is not exactly the kind of music we play. there was no understanding of our needs, nor much will to be on our side...difficult ... hard ... I could feel he hated when I stepped on my rat or fuzz factory...but hey...this is what we do...I wished we had our own soundman...probably so did he...

the venue

we played with francisco bochaton at universidad nacional del litoral. an open air show, good attendance, the show picked up after about 30 minutes...I'm happy I brought my big muff...the bridge of my jaguar needed constant adjustment...buzzing...too many extreme temperatute changes. "el gusano" was hot. my solo on perfume parpadear was difficult...

dinner at the university and back to hotel

I'm surprised to see how many people regularly watch "la national film chamber orchestra" on filmoteca, canal 7tv

rip mr salvador samaritano. sent my condolences to his family

this tour goes on: we play in rosario tomorrow

new dates with flopa in the calendar

a date with la congreso wolrd templation in the calendar!

Monday, September 08, 2008

devil's bug...

the bus to mendoza was fancy, but at our arrival we had to wait a long time out in the cold for "the guy who has the key" of the place we were staying...

I got a terrible cold...after lunch I stayed in bed...feeling feeble...until soundcheck...I was driven to soundcheck in a terrible state, and I was tortured by the soundman asking millions of hard hits of the snare drum...I liked the sound of my jaguar through a stack nativo amp...then back to the apartment for a shower and back to bed...nelson the band's bass player brought a plate of boiled rice to my bed...then I was driven to the venue (I bought a thermometer on our way)...away from the long of a ride...ouch...feeling terrible

francisco bochaton at aloha...very nice venue...good sound system...unbearably loud support band...I played and I survived but I felt terrible...very bad...matias the band's keyboardist was also sick and wished to go back home asap, on an early plane...

back to bed around 5am

on saturday I felt even worst...all day in bed...took the fancy bus back to buenos aires...began to feel a bit better around midnight...back home at 9am played with my daughter and rested

today I played with la national film chamber orchestra at canal 7tv , we played the movie "maman colibri"...a bit of a hard job...back home for lunch and an afternoon off

Thursday, September 04, 2008


moni and I went to see laurie anderson at teatro gran rex last week. excellent show, so fine, such a treat! a remarkable band... lou reed played and sang as guest.

memories of playing with charly at gran rex on his 55th birthday show, and of visiting the theater together with charly and pedro to meet fact I was wearing my same velvet jacket ... and my "say no more" bracelet was in my pocket. I hope to be able to see charly again soon, I hope he is in good recovery

last friday matias and I played the music for metropolis... the very complete version, with fragments I´ve never seen before, and a long last section (a 45 minutes finale!!!)

on the weekend I composed and recorded the music for nadina´s short film. all with "reason" playing my electric through my gr1 into the reason sounds...orchestral!

on saturday I visited samalea and he suggested changes in the pieces´ order of my new live cd

monday: recordings for maxi´s new album at concreto, produced by alejandro teran...wonderful jaguar had a buzz on the fifth strings so I had a hard time...I hope to have a new chence next week...I loved the songs!

more recordings with la national film chamber orchestra this week. "the last man", by murnau, is superb. but the added end was difficult to felt so "off" from the movie...

today I´m at rolling stone magazine with my favorite 10 guitar songs:

television / venus
the pretenders / kid
bowie / fashion
king crimson / elephant talk
pescado rabioso / cementerio club
u2 / bad
the police / walking on the moon
charly garcia / cerca de la revolucion
led zeppelin / black dog
the beatles / taxman

the are aso many more I can think of...10 is not enough!!!!!!!

tonight I travel to mendoza to play with francisco bochaton