Sunday, February 07, 2010

with tele

here's a pic by agustina arcondo taken last friday at niceto, I felt much more comfortable with my g&l telecaster...the pickups are great. I used it through my mxr distortion, rat, boss dd20 giga delay and line 6 dl4 delay modeller and fender blues deluxe tweed amp... high volume on stage...excited and friendly audience

I confirmed my tkt for rome

on saturday I worked with samalea on the order and spacing of pieces for "la national film chamber orchestra plays metropolis live". happy to work with sama after long time!

in the evening played with La NFCO at el rosedal.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Iman played yesterday!

I'm still struggling with my jaguar, I think I need to have its pickups waxpotted, or replaced, too much high freq feedback at high volume. I will send it to de castro for adjustment, setup and advice,

meanwhile I will use my tele for the upcoming shows with bochaton and iman

a very intense day yesterday, working with students in the morning, recording for clautropolis in the afternoon and playing with iman in the evening.

I enjoyed playing with iman, I would have liked to see alejandro's face, but a mirror was not easily available...very good attendance, many good friends and musicians in the audience... sama, tito, lolo, juan, maria laura, fede...

the band is getting together and I can see the recordings happenning soon; thelonous is a wonderful venue and we felt very well treated. remarkable.

iman plays again next wednesday feb 10th in virasoro

Monday, February 01, 2010

Iman plays tomorrow!

La National Film Chamber Orchestra continues recording for Claustropolis,

Iman continues rehearsing for this...

Martes 2 de Febrero


Maria Eva Albistur: bajo, guitarra y voz
Alejandro Franov: teclados, bajo y voz
Fernando Kabusacki: guitarra electrica
Javier Martinez: bateria y bajo

21:30 hs, THELONIOUS
Salguero 1884, Buenos Aires