Wednesday, November 28, 2007

a gig with francisco bochaton at palacio el victorial on nov 16th, more shows at malba, canal 7 and enerc with la national film chamber orchestra, 2 delightful shows with flopa at el nacional, many guitar lessons...tomorrow off to mendoza on a bus with bochaton

manu's birthday yesterday

now getting ready for's my schedule so far:

december 14th
recordings with yumiko and zak

december 16th
tokyo, cay
with seiichi yamamoto, yuji katsui, buffalo daughter and yasuhiro yoshigake

december 17th
kyoto, club metro
with seiichi yamamoto, marron, yoshitake expe, ryota nishi, shigeki ieguchi and muneomi senju

december 18 th
osaka, bears
with seiichi yamamoto, haco, yoshitake expe, ryota nishi,

december 20
nagoya, parlwr

I'll be back for christmas

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


flopa at el nacional. very enjoyable!!!!!! we rocked...flopa wished the venue was more volume friendly but .... we rocked


shortbus movie with moni at arteplex, dinner at a peruvian restaurant and off to a studio to record with charly from 1:00am. a very good session. "happy and real" (with amazing vocals by charly and bernard fowler, rolling stones touring band's backing vocalist)...I finally got to learn it!!!!!!!!!! some charly classics and a few hot duo versions....hopefully soon to be released...

the recording went on until 9:30 am...

very the afternoon a duo set with francisco bochaton at ciudad universitaria. we sounded good and connected very well...

Friday, November 09, 2007

colourful wednesday

on tuesday evening I went to no avestruz to see my friend anla courtis playing with a superb drummer called chris corsano, stunning improv. corsano is presently on tour with bjork.

wednesday: after a long day of guitar lessons I visited charly to deliver his birthday gift: 3 essential dvds

around 21:30 charly said I'm to see bjork...I said can I join...he said sure!

so I left my car at his place and there we went... charly, gaby and I to teatro gran rex for bjork's concert. charly and g had I couldn't get in but stayed at the door talking with friends...charly comes out the theatre and said let's go to hotel faena, pedro will join us and we'll meet with bjork there. there we went...

we stayed at faena hotel until we got a call saying bjork was waiting at the theatre dressing room...there we went, with charly and pedro packed in my car...

we arrived at the gran rex, we got into the dressing rooms area and charly said let's go to la ideal, there we'd meet bjork and the there we went...pedro went back home...and we had pizza, champagne and beer with bjork and a group of icelandic women, most of them musicians, in a deligthful venue with a live tango band playing, some people dancing and a few other celebs at the table. I drove charly back around 3:00 and drove back home.

on this photo taken by ludovico, I'm sharing the stage at biblioteca nacional de buenos aires with mr miguelius a few weeks ago; a duet of vocal beat box and guitar synth beat box!

good news! buffalo daughter's sugar, yumiko and moog and drummer sotoyama will join me at the cay concert next december 16th in tokyo...yes!!!!!!

Friday, November 02, 2007

last night francisco bochaton band played in san miguel, in the province of buenos aires. nice venue. big. a fan came into the dressing room to take some photos before the show. her husband broke in and made a very uncomfortable scandal...this somehow ruined our performance. quite upsetting.

here's a photo from bochaton band last friday at nd ateneo, by chris castello. thanks!!!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

ludovico, from la nave de los suenos, gave me a collection of photos from the metropolis concert at canal 7, the concert with miguelius at biblioteca nacional, charly's concert at la trastienda and charly's birthday at roxy last week.

here some from roxy...thanks ludovico! I will post more soon