Tuesday, February 06, 2007

kyoto > osaka > nagoya > tokyo


kabusacki, yoshimi, yamamoto & senju at bridge, osaka

the first gig of the tour, went marvelous for me. having played with seiichi, yoshimi and senju is such a privilege. so luxurious! I'm happy, the audience was enthusiastic. my guitar sounded good.

my equipment on this tour: g&l telecaster > fuzz factory > rat > boss compressor > digitech whammy II > volume pedal > boss rc2 loop station > boss dd20 giga delay > kaoss pad II > roland jazz chorus 120

the train ride back to kyoto was very long (seiichi and I almost missed the last train). I was very tired.


no gigs tonight, I walked around kyoto, one of the most beautiful cities in the world for me. bought a roland ev50 volume pedal. snow in kyoto.


kyoto urbanguild, with kei, yoshitake and marron and 2 drummers. very powerful performance. I found myself playing in ways I never do


drive to nagoya in marron's van. passed through shiga, which I remembered from a few years ago. over 3 hs drive.
in nagoya we played at parlwr, formerly called canolfan. a nice venue. very rich first set. forced second set which for me felt like a long encore. delicious traditional nagoyan chicken wings for dinner.


rehearsal with buffalo daughter at deuce studios. asked directions to a policeman...after 10 minutes trying to explain how to get to deuce he gave up and said "just go down". as I was wolking down the road I see sugar and yumiko in a car, they were going to get me at the train station. the band is so kind, so nice. great sounding studio. fun. buffalo daughter rocks.