Monday, July 31, 2006

back at work


after a week of good recovery and rest I played at la trastienda with francisco bochaton last saturday. I played most of the show seated on a chair. tried to stand up a few times but an acute pain in my lower abdomen suggested back to the chair. a hot gig, one of the favorites for this band...fran was in excellent shape after his holidays.

sunday rest with family, watched capote in the evening. mmmmmm...

today meeting at canal 7: la national film chamber orchestra will be on tv soon!!!!!

photo: members of la national film chamber orchestra at malba last month: kabu, matias, ulises butron and special guest from cordoba horacio sairafi

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Monday, July 26, 2006

played with vertigo colectivo a faena hotel's purple lounge last wednesday. I used my new burns marquee and my washburn with new alnico pro II pickup. sounds great. the dressing room was luxurious: a suite at the hotel.

a surprise in my life: last friday morning I visited the hospital for a checkup since I had a fever and felt instructed some exams and xrays, then called the surgeon...I was diagnosed appendicitys and emergency surgery was performed at clinica del sol at 20:00hs. I am back home now, recovering well.

cancelled recordings with flopa on the weekend, plus a show with francisco in rosario and 2 shows at malba. I expect to be back at work next week.

this photos, courtesy of zak, were taken last october at a show with kazuhisa uchihashi and alan courtis at surdespierto and from the window of our home in congreso

listening now to ariana morgenstern's web radio program. beautiful

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Back in Buenos Aires

After 3 long flight arrived in Buenos Aires last Monday in the morning.

Since then, baby`s birthday party at home, recordings with Roxana Amed at Pedro Aznar`s studio, shows with La National Film Chamber Orchestra at Malba on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday and one at Cine Cosmos on Monday. Rehearsal with Vertigo Colectivo. Recordings with Charly at Maria`s last night; 2 songs.

Today: rehearsal with Flopa in preparation for recordings next weekend.

The shows with Flopa at Plasma have been cancelled: one more venue dissapeared. Also The Marquee closed down recently. Scary.

Friday, July 07, 2006

July 7, Nagoya > Tokyo

12:35 hs nagoya > tokyo

on wednesday we played at taku taku, a legendary venue in kyoto where musicians like the staples, david lindley, albert king and clarence gatemouth brown have played. a vibrating venue. hot performance with loud and very intense passages. a wonderful drummer came to join us for the encores straight from the airport, back from a u.s. tour with the boredoms.
during the first set I injured my left little finger and needed chiropractor assistance. sensei doctor was available for a session after the show. weakness in my left wrist. he suggested I use a support band in my wrist.

last night we played at tokuzo, in nagoya. we felt tired. full house, very enthusiastic audience. kei opened with a guitar duo and joined us for an encore

long drive to tokyo.

straight to kinema club for soundcheck. here's a photo of the venue during soundcheck

Thursday, July 06, 2006

hiroshima > kyoto

july 4, tuesday

16:18 - on the van from hiroshima to kyoto. a travelling day.

yesterday: last night we played at club quattro hiroshima. this band is becoming a group and I'm very happy about it. for my ears, a very good performance. very warm and enthusiastic audience. mr otomo yoshihide joined us as guest during part of the second set.

after the gig check in at hotel and luxurious dinner by the river

today: this morning we visited the hiroshima memorial park and ground zero, the exact place where the a-bomb was dropped. I sat by the river for a few minutes.

long drive to kyoto, rest of the day off

skype works!!!!! now I can call home easily!!!!! thanks to santi for the advice

wonderful dinner...with delicious sake!

july 2nd, in japan


july 2 sunday


7:45 - breakfast at asia center hotel

not sleep to sleep last night. jet lag not gone yet, after 3 days

uma's 2 new teeth are coming out

we played last night the first gig of this tour: seiichi, yuji, alejandro, santiago and myself, with special guest ua on vocals. full house. wonderful sound, engineered by zak. inspired evening. back at the hotel, very tired...laundry. endless drying process

very busy times before departing to japan...

here's an outline of what I've been up to before coming to japan:

- completion of kabusacki 7+8 cds. they are now both ready and manufactured
- several gigs with francisco bochaton in buenos aires, cordoba and la plata
- rehearsals with francisco
- rehearsals and gigging with flopa
- gigs with la national film chamber orchestra at malba
- preparation for the trip to japan
- recordings with charly garcia for his new cd (which, btw, will be stunning!!!)

in the evening we played in osaka, with kazuhisa uchihashi (whose sounds in 7+8 are amazing) and some guests. an extense performance, very rich, very musical. very good attendance. very moving: kiri's mother was in the audience and seiichi introduced us. I believe I should have been strong as to contain this kind woman, but at her presence I could not stop from crying. I was frozen, petrified, could not say a word. I was so moved I could not react. so strong. It was an honour to meet kiri's mother. kiri was one of the most wonderful persons I've ever met, and one of my best friends ever. she passed away exactly 3 years ago. the concert in tokyo last friday was dedicated to her memory, at least personally for me.