Friday, October 26, 2007


after the last posting...

recordings at canal 7 with la nfco (mainly fritz lang movies), several shows at malba also with la nfco playing music for soviet films such as october, potemkin and many gems by einsenstein and others. the films were stunning, very inspiring

reharsals with bochaton in preparation for nd ateneo and rehearsals with flopa (with juan ravioli on drums!)

last monday a concert with charly, celebrating his 56th birthday at the roxy. many celebrities and very many guitarists on stage!!!!!!!! the highlight for me was the presence of pedro aznar

here's a photo (of a series of very good ones) from last year's celebration at gran rex from

Friday, October 12, 2007

photos...recordings with charly and metroplis at canal 7

and more: kiuge rocks out and I get the credit...

Thursday, October 11, 2007

another very busy weekend


I played with miguelius at biblioteca nacional (m, amazing performer, is currently on tour with diego torres); after our performance a projection of picado fino, the movie. afterwards moni and I went to niceto to see joanna newsom. superb!!!!


recordings with la national film chamber orchestra between 8am and 3:30 pm at estudio 5 at canal 7. a nap at home and off to costanera sur for another performance with la national film chamber orchestra. amalia. the lineup: samalea, matias and myself. freezing cold. pizza at la continental.

recordings with charly at circo beat between 2:30am and 7:30 am. back home very tired. but happy.


3 shows with la national film chamber orchestra at malba. einsenstein movies.


la national film chamber orchestra live at estudio 1 of canal 7. we played metropolis.

listening in the car to nels cline, blondie, clarence gatemouth brown

check this out...

Wednesday, October 03, 2007


el cruce festival...with santiago vazquez and special guests maria eva albistur and fernando samalea;

and a second show with master dancers gaby morales and esteban...under the the parana river...

our stay included a visit to el cairo and a great show by the flowers orchestra

and on sunday ... the road and the pepsi music festival, where I played with francisco bochaton. on the other stages, alika and los pericos, later los autenticos decadentes and the black eyed peas