Friday, May 26, 2006

busy weeks


amazing negativity in francisco's website's guestbook. fuera de ahi, cuervos negros! there's no relationship between francisco's wonderful music and some stupid comments in the web.

may 11 la national film chamber orchestra played german films in cordoba, with horacio sairafi as special guest. he played really well

may 12 played with francisco in la plata. again, stupidity in a few members of the audience harmed the performance. the van left us waiting in the street with all our gear between 4: and 6:15 am. pitiful. tough.

may 13 recordings with mono fontana for my new cd at home. sublime.

may 14 la national film chamber orchestra played dr jekyll and mr hyde at malba, with special guest lukas stadelmann. then I played with the suarez brothers, matias and lukas at thelonious, as part of the buenos aires jazz festival. full house. 2 sets, all improvised. recorded on hard disk by calu.

may 17 played with bochaton at kilt. terrible sound system, terrible venue. we were asked to stop the performance at 11hs due to neighbor's complaints with threats to close down the venue. this is buenos aires post cromagnon. scary.

may 18 vertigo colectivo at centro cultural borges. hot.

may 19 mixing and mastering the flower and the radio, my new double cd. exhausting.

today la national film chamber orchestra plays nosferatu at malba.

japanese visa already in my passport.

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