Wednesday, November 08, 2006

bs as mendoza bs as

on friday night I played with flopa at plasma, with ariel minimal as guest. a very good sounding venue. flopa & the band sounded good. c-bass was in the audience. dinner with him at pippo afterwards.

I took the airplane to mendoza at 6:40hs in the morning, so I had to be at ezeiza airport at 5:40, so I left home in a taxi at 5:00hs ao I woke up at 5:00hs. since I got to bed after packing at 3:30hs I slept just over 1 hour. tough.

bochaton & band visited a wonderful park in the afternoon. the roaring of a football stadium was the soundtrack of this visit.

in mendoza I played with francisco bochaton at sumistica. full house. hot audience. the band was on.

on sunday I visited the schwutkes. wonderful to see them!!!!!!! coffe with delicious cookies. francisco & band took the bus at 19:30. at 21:00 a bullet hit one of the windows of the bus. an attempt of robbery. luckily nobody got injured. the bus went on to a gas station further down the highway, where the police came and the window was covered with carboard and tape. dinner on the road. some sleep on the bus. back home at 11hs for breakfast with the girls.

on monday night I played with vertigo colectivo at pipo lernoud's birthday party. after us a stunnning blues trio: skay, alejandro medina and rodolfo garcia. a master blues guitar lesson by skay!!! back home late.

on tuesday I played at nada sucede 2 veces, an improvised concert at a nice small auditorium, with matias, fer isella, gomez and maxi demo. something was very good about this performance but I can't say exactly what it was.

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