Saturday, December 23, 2006

saturday again

the show with bochaton last saturday was so hot. unbearable. my fender twin sounded terrible and had problems with the reverb system. I suffered. someone from the audience demanded the return of los peligrosos gorriones' original guitarist. I don't know him and never heard his playing, I do not wish to try to play like him. if he played with francisco he must have been good. actually I never heard a single recording by los peligrosos gorriones.

on sunday we drove to rosario with the girls to visit my mother.

this week I visited charly and we listened together to the master of his new cd. it's stunning. powerful, new, rocking, musical. congratulations charly!!!!!!! we also listened to beatles' love.

my accomodation in tokyo and kyoto has been arranged this week, also my meeting with my telecaster in tokyo. thanks hajime!

roxana amed gave me a copy of entremundos. I'm glad to be part of it and having had the chance to work with her and pedro aznar.

today christmas shopping on santa fe avenue and a visit to samalea, who is recovering well from surgery.

yesterday I played with futura bold, always a pleasure to share music with jorge and sr phelps. photo courtesy of futura bold, I believe it was taken by karina vargas.

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Roli said...

Gracias por la suerte deseada,Kabu...esperamos verte por el cineclub un dia.