Friday, June 01, 2007

buenos aires, rosario, mendoza

may 31, mendoza

robert fripp soundscapes & the league of crafty guitarists tour

the first entry in my blog after several months.

between my return from japan and this tour I have been very busy moving to a new house, playing with charly garcia, with francisco bochaton (also recording for his new cd), with samalea,

...also with roxana amed, flopa, vertigo colectivo and with la national film chamber orchestra at malba and canal 7 tv

my last concert with charly took place at plaza de mayo april 30th, at the anniversary of madres de plaza de mayo. our last piece was the argentinean national anthem

reharsals with the league in buenos aires began june 17 at my studio,

it was for my a great challenge playing the repertoire on my ovation guitar since I have been playing almost exclusively the electric for years; I welcomed the challenge

once robert arrived in buenos aires on may 24 the league began rehearsals with him at tnt on 25th. this is a legendary recording studio downtown buenos aires,

last tuesday we played a 20 minutes showcase for the press at nd ateneo followed by a press comference;

yesterday our first concert, to a very enthusiastic and supportive audience, at teatro la comedia in rosario. my mother was there and she loved the show.

after the show we had dinner backstage, delicious food, prepared by members of the rosario guitar circle. then we loaded the bus and drove 13 hours to mendoza. gas oil is not easily available at gas stations, so there was a risk we wouldn't make it... at my arrival at the hotel I was told that reservations were made for tomorrow...but here I am, at a restaurant in mendoza waiting for a filet de merluza con pure while charly sounds on the radio

in the evening rehearsal at teatro independencia

dinner at tomasso, with important news and announcements

walked back to the hotel...freezing cold in mendoza

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javier said...

soy guitarrista de 20 aƱos admirador de robert fripp.Es por esto que fui a ver el show en buenos aires el pasado 7 de junio.Tengo que confesar que me impresiono e impacto mucho el show, y que estoy muy interesaso en estudiar la tecnica y la new standard tunning.Dejo mi agradecimiento por una hora y media de performance brillante y que me emociono profundamente.Felicitaciones por su trabajo