Wednesday, March 19, 2008

bob dylan's never ending tour

since last posting I played with el diablo en la boca, several shows at malba and recordings at canal 7 with la national film chamber orchestra, rehearsed with flopa and with bochaton, celebrated my 43rd birthday and went to see dylan at estadio velez and, last night, at hipodromo de rosario. back on the night bus with sama...very tired
dylan's shows were such a master class. so enjoyable and so nourishing...I'm very happy i went to both shows; i even bought a tshirt. at the show in velez I had the conviction that my life was changing
I have used my new amp today at the rehearsal with flopa...a fender blues deluxe...sounds wonderful...


mario daniel said...

algĂșn vez espero verle y oirle con la national film chamber orchestra

con el bocha ya lo hice

Moni Peralta said...

el viernes sabado y domingo hay peliculas de john ford y una joya llamada "el hombre sin brazos", en el malba...
en estan los detalles