Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Washington Dulles Hilton

En route to Buenos Aires from Seattle, the flight to BA got cancelled, so I was sent to the Dulles Hilton, flying back home later today.

I'm flying back home after a week retreat in Raft Island with The Orchestra of Crafty Guitarists. Part of this project was a performance by Tuning the Air presenting Robert Fripp and The Orchestra of Crafty Guitarists at the Fremont Abbey Arts Center.

After this project I stayed a few days at Tuning the Air member (and also Electric Gaucho!) Travis in Seattle. A very comfortable house in Ballard. We attended I very nice party where I presented my abilities as a dancer (I'm sure most of this blog readers were unaware of this specialty of mine…).

I also spent 3 days in Las Vegas: Charly received a Latin Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award to the Musical Excellence. !!!!!! A moving ceremony. Gustavo Santaolalla and Grammy's president handed him the award. Delicious lunch and various parties and shows followed. It was nice to see Coti there (now a very popular singer songwriter), with whom I shared the stage as guitarist with Javier Calamaro many years ago. Also Diego Frenkel was there (we had lots of fun together!). I even got to share a limo ride with El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico, sitting next to Maestro Eddie Perez, one of the founders of the Combo.

I was invited to perform in New York with Diego and Andres Levin last Monday but could not arrange my flights.....that was very frustrating....

photo: Alex Dejtiar

After much glam, I was happy to be back in Seattle, where I met with several friends. I had a very nice stay in Seattle.

Now I'm stuck in this luxurious hotel in Washington, having a cake from Cupcake Royale for breakfast, looking forward to get back home.

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