Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Iman played yesterday!

I'm still struggling with my jaguar, I think I need to have its pickups waxpotted, or replaced, too much high freq feedback at high volume. I will send it to de castro for adjustment, setup and advice,

meanwhile I will use my tele for the upcoming shows with bochaton and iman

a very intense day yesterday, working with students in the morning, recording for clautropolis in the afternoon and playing with iman in the evening.

I enjoyed playing with iman, I would have liked to see alejandro's face, but a mirror was not easily available...very good attendance, many good friends and musicians in the audience... sama, tito, lolo, juan, maria laura, fede...

the band is getting together and I can see the recordings happenning soon; thelonous is a wonderful venue and we felt very well treated. remarkable.

iman plays again next wednesday feb 10th in virasoro

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