Saturday, August 05, 2006


read nile rodger's interviews

I played with vertigo colectivo last thursday at c.c. borges. skay and poli came to the show and as allways were inmensely supportive and sweet. I like daniel's new songs a lot.

from c.c. borges I ran to c.c. torcuato tasso where I played with francisco bochaton. a hot gig. loud. fran smashed his guitar against the drums by the end of the show. wild. the guitar survived. I wonder how.

pain in my little finger, due to my weak left wrist, came back in milder mode during vc's show.

listening to robert's queer space harmonic minor, which I just dowloaded from beautiful.

I had a significant dream last night

in a few hours I will be playing in templum with santiago vazquez, ale franov and mono fontana. now I must rest and practice.

the anniversary of mg's birth last tuesday. here's a photo of hers with charly.

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