Friday, August 18, 2006

a very good photo by dino trentalance ( with francisco bochaton at la trastienda a few weeks ago.

last night we played with fran at centro cultural torcuato tasso, in the neighborhood of san telmo. full house. a shared bill with palo pandolfo. the band sounded good. our drummer is recovering from a broken ancle and my self 90% recovered from apendicytis surgery. my setup: burns electric+ fuzz factory + rat + big muff + roland dd20 delay stereo into a marshall jcm900 and a little fender projunior. I liked the sound of this setup.

after the show dinner at la academia with fran and matias. good conversation.

this saturday's gig with flopa at auditorio san rafael was cancelled. again, one more!!! one more post cromagnon effect. this city's government has definitely gone too far. no place where rock can be played. in this case the argument is that the venue is located in a residencial area so no muci can be played. I doubt flopa and myself with guitars and f's vocals would disturb the hood at 21hs....this is turning scary. see for more info on the subject.

interview for canal 7 yesterday at home. valentina visited later from barcelona and got along wonderfully with little baby.

now listening to haco's band

my mother's birthday today


fernandocine said...

me contacte con vos vía mail para tomar clases, pero me rebotan los que envio a tu direccion.
Te agradezco si me escribis y me dejas un teléfono para coordinar.
Fernando Martin (

Gabriel Fernando Gamboa said...

bueno, veo que a todos nos pasa igual....
un abrazo !!
Gabriel Gamboa

kabu said...

mi email ya funciona...saludos