Thursday, September 07, 2006

keep on going

here's a photo with flopa, courtesy of hers

august 31 was hectic: at 22:30 I played with flopa at centro cultural cooperacion. a duo lineup, 2 guitars. very intimate and nice show. for me is always a luxury to hear flopa sing and play her songs. playing with her is an unbelievable bonus. my setup: washburn red rocker> big muff> volume pedal> line6 dl4 delay modeller > fender pro junior amp

from ccc I ran into a taxi to centro cultural tasso, where everybody was waiting for me to arrive. so from the taxi straight to the stage to play with bochaton one of our hottest shows ever. shelley and her friend were there dancing. my setup: wasburn red rocker > rat > fuzz factory > roland dd20 delay > marshall jcm900

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