Saturday, September 16, 2006


Leandro, Gorrion de Alma kindly sent me this photo of one of my strangest performances ever. On July 30 this year I played with Francisco Bochaton at La Trastienda one week after my appendix was removed. The surgeon reccomended to not make any physical effort for 2 weeks but I couldn't say no to Francisco's music, so I played seating on a chair, wearing a hood to feel more "protected". I had a terrible sense of vulnerability, weakness and also pain in my abdomen throughout the show. But also a feeling of "I have to be here, playing, no doubt, regardless of the surgery". I attempted a couple of songs standing but couldn't bear the pain. I wore trousers I would never wear on stage (Adidas jogging), the only ones I could fit...well...pijamas were my only other choice. Strange for a high action rock show, but the performance was very good and actually we rocked. Thanks Leandro for the photo!

Thursday: recordings with Francisco and band until late. Great new songs. Yes!

A very long day yesterday: La National Film Chamber Orchestra played at Canal 7 in the morning; to tyre shop to replace the back wheel that had been stolen from my car last week outside Concreto Studios (second time this happens to me in 5 months); then to the studio to listen to yesterday's recordings and pick up my amp; in the evening I played with La Congreso World Templation (with Mono Fontana, Ale Franov and Santiago Vazquez) at Templum. Full house. We booked our next show for October 20. Back home late.

My mobile phone was lost all day. I found it in the back of my car. relief.


EOL said...

Fer, buenisimo tu Blog. Lastima que debo utilizar esos imperfectos traductores que hacen incoherentes algunas frases... (espero que sea el traductor)

Por otro lado, muchas gracias por el agradecimiento!!! Me agrada ver que subiste la foto. Sacaré nuevas.

Un fuerte abrazo, y hasta el mes que viene.


kabu said...

saludos, leandro, gracias por la foto!