Tuesday, October 10, 2006

2 weeks


in the last 2 weeks I played with flopa at bar tunon, a duo set, with carlos alonso a ciudad konex, with la national film chamber orchestra at malba and at la noche de los museos and at canal 7 twice,

last sunday night I visited charly at home and listened to his mixed cd 3 times ...sounds wonderful...walls of sounds, stunning performances ... great work, I'm very happy that this record is about to see the stores, welll I hope

I notice that because I'm a musician some people expect me to be noisy and loud; in fact I'm very careful with sounds. and my neighbors are very insensitive and careless with sounds...slamming doors, talking very loud and making loud noises all the time, even late at night...perhaps they are musicians and i'm not...perhaps I must move somewhere else.

an article quoting me apperared in the new york times yesterday, I was interviewed last week, asked about juana molina and her work. I said marvels about her musicianship, surprisingly I was also asked at the end of the interview about her as a person. I froze and couldn't say a word. I could not speak, I remained quiet. as if I don't know her at all after such a long time working with her.

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