Wednesday, October 25, 2006

charly & the prostitution at gran rex


rehearsals, little rest and some time with the family during the weekend

monday: soundcheck at teatro gran rex at 18hs, showtime at 23hs. full house. despite his flu and fever, charly was prepared for a very good show and so was the band, but technical problems were strong...the headphones monitoring and radio transmission was bad so the show became unplayable at some points. there were very good moments of intense rock among the chaos, charly was on, a superb version of tony bennett's song and a great duet with andrew loog oldham and charly willing to go forward against all the odds. monitoring was feeble. deb was very good, doing all she could to support charly with backing vocals, which without good reference must have been hard...charly smashed guitars and amps at the end of the show. hot end! a huge marshall double stack fell on top of an unlucky fireman that was hiding the dressing room charly was in great mood and did not allow anyone in, only the band and andrew. this upsetted many of his friends.

this wonderful photo was taken by matias chiarena, at

back home around 4am, carrying gear, tired but in good mood. ate some fruit in the kitchen without making noise, then quietly to bed

the negativity of the press was huge, so was the enthusiasm of the audience and the heat of the show.

tuesday: walk with little baby, visited los chilenos at the hotel, charly is working with andrew loog oldham at home, g3 at luna park, a master class in guitar playing!!! a very enjoyable show.

great to see joe, mick and jeff. backstage I was introduced to mr eric johnson, whose playing I admire greatly. toast with jack daniels. walk back home on corrientes avenue. cool night.


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