Saturday, September 22, 2007


rise al 6:00

breakfast at viejo lobo at 7:15 and off to canal 7; a busy day for la national film chamber orchestra...

2 buster keaton movies ("the boat" and "the boxer") and 2 mountain movies at canal 7

off to malba for a john ford movie ("straight shooting") and a dramatic film by josef von sternberg.

the control room at malba cine caught fire a couple of weeks ago...apparently an oscar winning argentine producer/musician demanded chorizos to be cooked for him...the restaurant oven caught fire... and the oven pipes are just behind the control room... so things at malba cine are the sound system condition...the power amp made terrible noises. for the first show not to be cancelled I ended up 15 minutes sitting on the floor pressing the chassis tight...this prevented the noise...and myself from playing...fortunately a good power amp was produced for the second show. I rather play!

back home ultra exhausted

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