Monday, September 17, 2007

a week

I was invited to play as charly's guest at la trastienda last week, but a scandal broke...charly was severely hit in his face by a venue's patovica (security guy) in an attempt to help his assistant. so tuesday show got cancelled by the venue. a pity. and charly has a black eye...

thursday: I played with mussa phelps and friends with trinchera ensamble from mexico. such wonderful images!!!!!!!!

friday: mix of kabusacki & band live cd

visited charly at home in the evening, we watched the beatles' help. his humour got better. I learn so much by listening to beatles with ch... his remarks are so bright

then off to retiro...bus to cordoba to play with francisco

saturday: bochaton at casa babylon, tomates asesinos was one of the opening bands. bus ride feeble, hotel feeble, but I get to play live to an audience. such a privilege. coffee with horacio sairafi at a very nice little restaurant. showtime: 4:30 am. ouch.

we packed our gear and ran to bus station. breakfast and bus depated at 8am. got back home after a feeble bus ride at 19:00, so happy to be back home.

I was invited to a tour in brazil to perform with a dance company. it's not happening, to my relief...I'd love to do it but my schedule is so busy here in argentina...

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