Thursday, December 06, 2007

getting ready for japan

thursday: travelled to mendoza with francisco bochaton and matias, a long 5:35 the bus stops in makena, in the middle of nowhere... this trip is so long...and I can't sleep on the bus. I listened to miles (john mc laughlin specifically), television (tom verlaine and richard lloyd), talking heads (jerry harrison) and pink floyd, with special attention on the guitar work

in mendoza we played a trio show at cacano, with francisco and matias alternating on drums; a good show...drummerless

this photo is from a previous show, from maria l's flickr

saturday: slept only 2 hs...plane back to buenos aires...daniel amiano ana I went to see the police at river plate stadium... I loved the show! usually stadium concerts don't interest me but the police rocked!!!! andy summers' playing was stunning...

sunday: a boat to colonia, uruguay, for 2 days with my family... I like uruguay!

back home tuesday

wednesday: 7 hs recording at canal 7...3 silent movies...exhausting...

today I took my steinberger to mr palazzolo for get it in shape for my upcoming trip to japan.

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