Monday, December 24, 2007

in japan


breakfast at donq cafe with yamamoto, who is playing a christmas eve concert tonight in tokyo with otomo and jim orourke...i wish I'd be there!

taxi to kyoto station...shinkansen to kyoto station...narita express to the airport, to find out that luggage rules changed, so instead of paying a ridiculous sum for luggage excess i opted for a new small suitcase (quite nice actually) and distribute the weight...

economy plus is ok!

listened to belle and sebastian, then stanley brothers and now joe strummer & the mescaleros; watched 2 movies and listened to tom petty's xm program.

now at washington dulles airport, 4 more hours to wait

merry christmas!


this morning i was brave enough to have a shower at gingetsu apt. (I've been showering at yamamoto's house so far). located at the end of the open air corridor of this wonderful old building...not bad at all! wit a coin operated water bolier... yamamoto informed me that many artists live in this building, and member of famous kyoto punk and noise bands from the 80s

walked on shirakawa street trying to find a coffee shop open. nothing decent. so I took 5 bus to museum of modern art. after so much man made art i visited the zoo. wonderful beasts! elephants, lions, tigers, bears, monkeys...the gorillas were amazing. oh, how I wished my daughter was there with me!!!!!! i bought a hello kitty balloon for her, and took several photos.then back to number 5 bus, back downtown, buying christmas presents for family. here at book 1st store...i've been given a ticket for a free cup of coffee. thanks!

sakane came to visit with a friend who lived in cordoba for over 2 years! his spanish is very good, he gave me some apples that saved my night...after packing I was starving. yamamoto visited later. we watched the dylan at newport dvd, stunnning.


raining in kyoto

breakfast at the art school, just across the road from gingetsu apartments, then visit to yamamoto's house. together we went to tranq room for afternoon soup. delicious! then to meet with senior ivan downtown. back home on 5 bus and packing until 1am


delicious breakfast at takeyama's!!!!!!!! then coffee with masaya, kei and sayuri at cafe amigo

back from nagoya with the sinkansen train; comfortable and fast

I visited one of the most beautiful places on earth: the sisen-do temple

then shopping dowtown kyoto and off to see the dokuros at ohlala

they were great!

back home on 203 bus, via tenkaipin noodles and a call home


travelled to nagoya

played at parlwr; difficult to connect with the players...

the venue is so nice, warm...I always enjoy playing there...

tasty chicken wings at nagoya's most traditional place (mr chicken....) and off to takeyama's place

very cozy and comfortable


10:35 Cafe Donq,Kyoto

osaka bears with yamamoto, haco, expe and niji

and from haco's archives:


shinkansen train tokyo > kyoto with seiichi

at our arrival in kyoto station, photogapher and editor were waiting for us. I was very sleepy as I came out from the train...

they came with us to metro. the venue door

last night I played at cay, tokyo, two sets:

first set with buffalo daughter (sugar on electric guitar, yumiko on synthesizers and moog on turntables and effects!) and mr akira on drums;

second set with seiichi yamamoto (electric guitar), yuji katsui (electric violin) and yasuhiro yoshigaki (drums and percussion)

very very exciting...very crowded house, with a very generous and entghusiastic audience standing

my setup: fender jaguar > korg pandora (tuner mode) > fuzz factory > mxr distortion III > whammy > boss volume pedal > boss loop station > boss giga delay I > boss giga delay II > korg kaoss pad > roland JC 120 amp

at the end of the first set I injured my right wrist...(partly sequel of an unfortunate yoga posture 15 years ago and playing fast with a pick that is too soft with an unorthodox right hand...) so for the second set I was in terrible pain...nevertheless there we were and we made a lot of noise...and good noise!!!!!!!!!!

the feeling aftyer the show was very good, among friends, audience, musicians, record label stuff ond organizers. dinner with sake at a very nice restaurant (although jazz was too loud for my ears...) in omote sando and taxi to the hotel

skype video with the beautiful girls back home and to bed at 2AM



recordings with zak and yumiko at st robo

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