Friday, February 01, 2008

2 shows at malba with la national film chamber orchestra, featuring matias mango, juan ravioli, guillermo novelli (from nova electrocamara quartet) and myself...on the second show featuring mr charly garcia as guest, with an amazing vocoder performance. after the show charly and I intended to go for pizza at a restaurant near his place, but a hord of unrespectful fans made it impossible...we ended up having pizza at ch's place...

3 shows with francisco bochaton...2 different parque lezama we played with former los brujos drummer quique...powerful! ca. 6000 audience...a hot show...

in pinamar and mar del plata we played at the beach, with drummer chris fab...a wider repertoire... travelling back and forth on the van was exhausting...I was scared many times during the trips...

the venue in mar del plata

my pedals

la national film chamber orchestra began recordings at canal 7 tv. my synth didn't respond properly, so a had a hard time...the jaguar needs fine adjustment..I like this guitar, and I'm developing a relationship with it!!!

recordings for juan ravioli's new cd at feli's studio near parque centenario, produced by himself and mauro taranto. a stunning record coming up!!!!!! flopa was in the session. the fuel was pepsi, bizcochos and flavored ham provided by juan.

rehearsal with andra borlo's buenos aires band, directed by berry, featuring fernando samalea (drums), alejandro teran (viola), paul dourge (bass), berry (piano) and myself (ac. and electric gtrs). we will be recording at ion this weekend. andra's voice is so powerful, and the songs have been turning around my head throughout the week!

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