Tuesday, February 19, 2008

back in buenos aires

back from 4 days at viejo hotel ostende with family,

la national film chamber orchestra's lineup for this weekend so far...

Thurs 21st
24hs: Matias Mango (keyboards) and myself (synt gtrs) playing Sunrise (FW Murnau)

Fri 22nd
Mono Fontana, Juan Ravioli and myself playing at 22hs El Gabinete del Dr Caligari and at 23:30hs La Mentira de Nina Petrovna + Rapsodia Hungara

Sat 23rd
22hs Mono Fontana, Juan Ravioli and myself playing playing Dr Mabuse

talked to flopa, rehearsals begin next week (hopefully with my new amp). nd ateneo show is shared with rosario blefari and hanna

tomorrow matias and I will be editing details of dr caligari, soon to be released...

thanks robert for this link, very useful information

and here writings by steve albini

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