Monday, May 05, 2008

francisco bochaton at nd ateneo

may 2, 2008

francisco bochaton at nd ateneo

the band: francisco (electric and acoustic gtrs), matias mango (keys), quique ilid (drums), nelson colinwood (bass) and myself (electric gtr)

no matter how much we rehearse with francisco... there are so many songs in his repertoire always readily available to be called at the gigs (some times asked for by members of the audience) that there is always a great deal of surprise, freshness, inventive on the spot...the versions are always different, I like this! we played a brand new song today: gira la serpiente. a hit

nd ateneo is such a treat...the sound is far this is my favorite venue in this country. I played in this venue with robert fripp & the league of crafty guitarists, with juana molina, with flopa, with maria eva albistur, with samalea, with roxana amed...all different styles of music, and it always sound superb...

my setup this time: fender jaguar > fender blues deluxe amp > mxr distortion > rat > boss volume pedal > line 6 delay modeller > boss dd20 giga delay

back home around 3am, by the time the band was getting ready to party

what have I been listening to in my car recently? the travelling wilburys, haco, miles davis, skay, bill monroe, mark knopfler/emmylou harris and classical fm

today after buying 4 fish for the pond, I dropped my wife and daughter at granny's house and drove to alto palermo. I bought a cream dvd and an elvis cd and visited charly. we listened to new recordings and improvements on previous ones. great stuff! we ate a delicious chocolate cake

reading: andy summers "the train I didn't miss"

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