Friday, May 16, 2008


listening to brahms now. these days on my car I have been listening to eric clapton/jj cale, elvis, cat power and kenny burrell, apart from the radio, fully overloaded with the subject of the absurd farmers' strike

a few weeks ago I played with bochaton in villa maria, and I used this amp. one of the worst experiences I had on a gig. appaling...never use this for an electric guitar!!!! the promoters or the venue's owner thought it's the same a guitar amp and a bass amp. well, it's not. had it been a fender bassman, maybe!!!!!!!

on the other side, when playing with charly in mar del plata I used this amp

and it was heaven!!!!

a busy week,

guitar lessons on tuesday, followed by a wonderful recording session with charly...a new song, stunning!

wednesday: a talk at national cinema school (enerc) re. my experience with music for films and silent movies, 2 hs queue in the bank, a visit by the mandel family (so glad to see them well!!!) and a rehearsal with flopa's songs!!!

not much rest these days. I must look tired: a man at a coffee kiosk at coghlan station suggested I was in a riot or a fist fight...well, I wasn't... why???

thursday: guitar lessons in the morning and afternoon and 2 shows with la national film chamber orchestra at malba in the evening

today I hope to decompress and rest a bit...only 1 show at malba tonight

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Rafael said...

qué bueno enterarme de tus cosas por este blog.
abrazo grande desde ny.
pd: linda jaguar! qué viola se compró charly?