Sunday, June 01, 2008

getting cold in buenos aires

very cold days in buenos aires, my old leather jacket is on.

rehearsals with flopa's band continue, with new versions of old songs and new versions of new songs. the band's lineup is always moving: rodrigo guerra is playing guitars on some songs and juan plays keyboards and percussion instead of gtr. on the last rehearsal I missed juan's guitar.

weekly rehearsals continue, and 2 shows with francisco bochaton. one in san miguel 2 weeks ago (one of the best for this lineup) and last friday in ciudad vieja, la plata. things change so much for me when there is another electric guitarist in the band...and I can't complain at charly's band there's francisco's band there francisco playing a strat and in flopa's band there is juan or rodrigo (flopa plays acoustic). luxury.

the combination of my washburn red rocker (w/ seymour duncan) and the blues deluxe works well, particularly with the sd bridge pickup

on the van back to buenos aires last saturday morning we listened to a recording from our previous show at ciudad vieja. all of us were surprised. I think there's a live ep least...

on friday eve I went see maestro daniel baremboin directing bruckner at teatro coliseo. superb.

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Nacho said...

El viernes 13 de junio a las 18 hs en la puerta de la casa de Charly Garcia.

Coronel Diaz y Santa Fe.

Y en simultaneo con Rosario en el Monumento a la Bandera.

Un agradecimiento más y con cariño al más grande creador de musica.
Sólo un mimo más para que se ponga mejor....