Sunday, December 05, 2010

another busy week

the making of "kabusacki 10 - luck" took a lot of work. good work, fine work, supported in a great way by this gift given to me years ago by alessandro bruno

the album will be out real soon, and I'm recovering, catching up with different projects

samalea and I went to sagitario studio in lujan last wednesday to deliver the material so leo can begin mixing the kabusacki/samalea cd. it already sounds incredible. tony's bass is stunning!

on thursday matias and I went to ariel lavigna's studio for corrections on the mix of claustropolis, and on to the 5.1 mix. the movie will soon be completed.

friday: recorded guitars for matias' music for a theater play

saturday: rehearsed with the ensamble. 13 of us.

still reading ron wood's book

today u and I went to see "palabra cantada" a brazilian group playing music for kids. they are superb.

tomorrow morning la national film chamber orchestra will be recording melies films at canal 7 TV argentina

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