Friday, December 31, 2010

Busy in Music

I'm very grateful, very happy for this 2010,

through the year I played 63 live shows with La National Film Chamber Orchestra, plus countless for Filmoteca at Canal 7TV

also played 26 gigs with artists such as Francisco Bochaton, Maria Eva, Maxi Trusso, El Diablo en la Boca, Iman, Sami Abadi, Vertigo Colectivo, Samalea, and solo performances

participated in 2 projects with The Orchestra of Crafty Guitarists, in Italy and Argentina, and a performnace of Terry Riley's In C with Francesco Dillon, Alter Ego and other superb musicians at Teatro San Martin

91 live performnaces throughout the year...

also 2 live performances with my students and one at my daughter's kindergarden

for the big screen recorded and completed the soundtrack for Claustropolis together with Matias Mango,

I have 2 records ready: Kabusacki 10, Luck (will be released in Argentina on January 6 2011, and in Japan next April), and Samalea/Kabusacki (featuring Tony Levin) Ai Limiti del Mondo, which is now being mixed

I recorded several guitars for Palito Ortega's upcoming tribute to Neri Nelson CD, a classic rock'n'roll album;

mixed "Metropolis" and have several recordings edited and mastered by La NFCO for release next year..

Charly Garcia's Kill Gil was finally releaed (a stunning album...with tons of guitars in there...) and also Maxi Trusso's Love Gone and Maria Eva's album, and Vertigo Colectivo's, all wonderful records which I'm proud to be part of's been a happy and busy year

Happy 2011!!!!!!!!

(photo: agustina arcondo)

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