Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Secret I: La Pedalera del Rock

After many years of using very many effect processors, pedalboards and simulators, I realized that to better understand the parameters and functions from modern digital pedalboards I first needed to use and understand the analog pedals that were simulated by them.

So I put together "La Pedalera del Rock" which I have been using regularly with singers/songwriters such as Bochaton, Flopa, Juan Ravioli, Charly Garcia, Maria Eva, Maxi Trusso and others.

This is a photo taken at the stage of Luna Park last month, when I played with Maria Eva opening for Julieta Venegas

It includes a Boss Tuner, MXR Distortion II, Pulstar Cluster Tremolo, Electro Harmonix Big Muff tuned by Cluster, ZVex Fuzz Factory, Boss DD20 Giga Delay, Shigemori Ruby Stone Premium and a Proco Rat. The Ruby Stone is the latest addition. I got acquainted with this pedals and with its manufacturer in Nagoya last April. I loved as I played one single note with it!!!!!! So warm and natural!!!! And of course true bypass.

My with the man who designs and makes the Shigemori pedals:

I bought a Rat distortion 1987, but since I heard Arto Lindsay playing with one in Tokyo in 2002 I decided to keep it in my pedalboard...forever!

The ZVex Fuzz Factory... I read that Adrian Belew was using I was curious. That was my reference. It's a superb pedal!!!!!

The AC converter and distributor was built by Cluster. No hum, ever!

On this occasion I used a Marshall JCM 900 combo (previously owned by Steve Ball of The Electric Gauchos!) and a G&L Telecaster from the selection of Rudy's Music Shop in New York.

Some possible upgrades in this pedalboard: an Peterson Tuner and a Cluster Cosmo Vibe...we'll see...

Here's a previous stage of La Pedalera del Rock, recording with Charly at Los Pajaros, Lujan (2009)


G4þRI€L said...

la pedalera del rock mas esos dedos magicos.... que barbaro!!! te felicito!

G4þRI€L said...

puse el gadget de tu musica en mi blog de autos!