Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Back in Buenos Aires

Very exciting days in Europe...

In London I walked around and visited my friend Juan, also saw Simon Fisher Turner and Alan Courtis...

and walked by the apartment where I used to live almost 22 years ago in Notting Hill...

In Vienna I played at FLUC with Uchihashi Kazuhisa, Burkhard Stangl and Wiener, three superb guitarists!

(pic by Eckhard Derschmidt)

...in San Cugat I worked with The Orchestrina of Crafty Guitarists...

and now I'm back in Buenos Aires, the city where Charly's Kill Gil just won the Carlos Gardel Award as best Rock Album of 2010 (and album cover)

...ultra busy with guitar lessons, live music for silent films, Incorporales,

(pic by Andy Goldstein)

(pic by Andy Goldstein)

...rehearsals and shows with Maria Eva,


...with whom I play faster than the speed of light.....

(pics Javier Lopez Uriburu)

... and Luck.

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