Tuesday, March 07, 2006


last week:

- guitar lessons began again on wednesday

- thursday: my 41st birthday. dinner with moni, charly, matias, the vertigos and paulita at edelweiss. luxurious. in the afternoon a strange coincidence: listening with charly to the recordings of the shows in pinamar, both of us playing over the recording, my 4th string broke in the same song than in the recording. so in the cd we could hear charly saying " kabusacki va a cambiar una cuerda" when in fact I was looking for a spare string in my guitar case.

- friday: bochaton in la plata. a very hot show, with a very hot audience. we rocked. my gear: washburn red rocker electric through a rat, big muff, line 6 delay and a marshall jcm 900. loud was good.

- saturday: rehearsal with flopa & band. also luxurious.

- sunday: our 7th wedding anniversary

- monday: moni's birthday

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