Sunday, February 26, 2006


Listening to recordings of the shows with Charly in Pinamar. Yes!

This week:

rehearsals with Vertigo Colectivo and Francisco Bochaton began, both with wonderful new songs

my new CD The Jungle and the Radio came out from the drawer and what I heard amazed me. Hope. Next step is recordings with Mono and Maria.

from the office: the japanese tour got confirmed... end of June.

today I walked with baby in the morning, practiced and worked on repertoire, walked around Puerto Madero with Moni and baby;

visited Charly in the evening to talk about an upcoming project in which I'm happy to take part. the plan was to record tonight but we decided to do it tomorrow... gaucho aphorisms apply here: don't leave for today what you can do tomorrow ... or don't leave for tomorrow what you can do next week

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