Sunday, April 09, 2006



Wednesday: Meeting with Iman in the morning. Listened to Adat tapes from recordings at Melopea years ago. Decided to make a record and continue our work together soon. Guitar lessons in the afternoon. The Gardel 2006 Awards ceremony in the evening. The highlight for me: Charly and Mercedes together and Leon Gieco playing live with Los Pibes Chorros.

Thursday: rehearsal with Francisco Bochaton in the morning, mixing for Kabusacki 7 at Concreto. Vertigo Colectivo at Centro Cultural Borges. Charly Garcia came as special guest, he played piano and sang. after the show Ch and I went to Maria's studio to record Charly's vocals and keyboards on 2 pieces for Kabusacki 7. Stunning. back home at 8:30am. Happy. Tired.

Friday: Cancelled recordings with Mono in the morning. Shinkuro arrived from Osaka at noon. In the evening gig with Flopa at Plasma, in San Telmo. Very nice venue. Yes!!!!!!! Flopa's songs are so good!!!! Florencia Ruiz played as opening act.

Saturday: drove with Mono Fontana to Rosario. We played with Luis and Mariano Suarez at Parque de Espana. All improvised. Wonderful moments. Good flow. Discoveries in my Kaoss pad. Very good attendance.

Sunday: drove back from Rosario. nice weather. recovery, time with Moni and Uma. getting ready for Guitar Craft Anniversary Course in Mendoza.

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