Sunday, April 30, 2006

few days


thursday: drove moni to work. spent much time with baby. delightful

friday: tea at malba with family. picked up gear left from the last nfco show. short nap. a long day, and very intense.

played with flopa at plasma. memorable gig for me. not the debut of the band anymore. I really enjoy playing with flopa, juan and lucas. the opening act was coiffeur, a very fine singer, guitarist and songwriter.

after the show I drove to maria's for a night of recordings with charly and sama. maria is engineering superbly. I recorded guitars on 1 song. back home at 8:00 with medialunas. breakfast with the girls and straight to bed for a 4 hs sleep.

saturday: lunch with toto and family. good nap in the afternoon. I declined ale franov's invitation to play with him at templum. need recovery. moni and I to dinner at pippo and to cine premier for "good night and good luck". very good film.

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