Tuesday, April 04, 2006

past weeks


very busy in the last couple of weeks

rehearsals and shows with francisco bochaton, vertigo and flopa

recordings with charly. stunning new songs.

been to rosario, played with dibujos mudos: la national film chamber orchestra in duo formation...with juan piola on keyboards. great to play with juan.

samalea proposed the running arder for my new cd and it works great. the cd moved to the new stage. voices by maria albistur are impecable. yes!

very busy still.

euphorica, the new cd of buffalo daughter is out. I received my copy last week. I like the cd so much!

tomorrow after gtr lessons I will be at the gardel 2006 awards ceremony at teatro gran rex. la maravilla is nominated.

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Loren said...

Fernando - I'm very excited to hear your latest CD. Good luck tomorrow at the gardel 2006 awards ceremony and congratulations on your nomination. And thank you for stopping by the Claypool Music News!

All the best,