Thursday, July 06, 2006

hiroshima > kyoto

july 4, tuesday

16:18 - on the van from hiroshima to kyoto. a travelling day.

yesterday: last night we played at club quattro hiroshima. this band is becoming a group and I'm very happy about it. for my ears, a very good performance. very warm and enthusiastic audience. mr otomo yoshihide joined us as guest during part of the second set.

after the gig check in at hotel and luxurious dinner by the river

today: this morning we visited the hiroshima memorial park and ground zero, the exact place where the a-bomb was dropped. I sat by the river for a few minutes.

long drive to kyoto, rest of the day off

skype works!!!!! now I can call home easily!!!!! thanks to santi for the advice

wonderful dinner...with delicious sake!

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