Friday, July 07, 2006

July 7, Nagoya > Tokyo

12:35 hs nagoya > tokyo

on wednesday we played at taku taku, a legendary venue in kyoto where musicians like the staples, david lindley, albert king and clarence gatemouth brown have played. a vibrating venue. hot performance with loud and very intense passages. a wonderful drummer came to join us for the encores straight from the airport, back from a u.s. tour with the boredoms.
during the first set I injured my left little finger and needed chiropractor assistance. sensei doctor was available for a session after the show. weakness in my left wrist. he suggested I use a support band in my wrist.

last night we played at tokuzo, in nagoya. we felt tired. full house, very enthusiastic audience. kei opened with a guitar duo and joined us for an encore

long drive to tokyo.

straight to kinema club for soundcheck. here's a photo of the venue during soundcheck

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