Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Monday, July 26, 2006

played with vertigo colectivo a faena hotel's purple lounge last wednesday. I used my new burns marquee and my washburn with new alnico pro II pickup. sounds great. the dressing room was luxurious: a suite at the hotel.

a surprise in my life: last friday morning I visited the hospital for a checkup since I had a fever and felt instructed some exams and xrays, then called the surgeon...I was diagnosed appendicitys and emergency surgery was performed at clinica del sol at 20:00hs. I am back home now, recovering well.

cancelled recordings with flopa on the weekend, plus a show with francisco in rosario and 2 shows at malba. I expect to be back at work next week.

this photos, courtesy of zak, were taken last october at a show with kazuhisa uchihashi and alan courtis at surdespierto and from the window of our home in congreso

listening now to ariana morgenstern's web radio program. beautiful

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